Jaguar sewing and overlocker machines

Jaguar sewing machines is one of the largest manufacturers in the world with millions of units in circulation.

They are an internationally recognised, high quality Japanese producer that works with most major brands.
Unlike many other suppliers, Jaguar produces all of its machines in its own factories.

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Jaguar sewing machines

Browse the current range from one of the foremost sewing machine manufacturers in the world.

The unique DQS (Digital Quick-threading System) has now been introduced to the UK. All current models come with a three year parts and labour guarantee and the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Jaguar overlockers

Three excellent models that feature an impressive array of capabilities for anyone who is passionate about sewing for dressmaking, quilting, alterations, crafting or making home furnishings.

Exclusive to Jaguar overlocker sewing machines – the unique cutting system opens up 180 degrees giving easy access to the looper thread guides.

Sewing machine accessories

Everything you’ll need for you Jaguar overlocker and sewing machines.

The range includes foot control units, sewing feet, overlocker feet and overlocker spares.


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