Frustrations of threading a sewing machine

Why threading a sewing machine isn’t a problem – for some!

Daunting for some – not for others.
Why sewing just got easier…

Sewing machines: we can’t live without them. Some sewists love their machines – others find them a little frustrating. But this needn’t be the case. Even something as potentially frustrating as threading a sewing machine and winding the bobbin is for some a pleasure and for others a chore.

Find out how to ALWAYS make this task a pleasure…

The Apartment Therapy website offers very helpful advice for those in the “frustrated” camp, suggesting that the correct threading of a machine “opens up a world of creative possibilities”, but does acknowledge that “the process might seem intimidating”.

The wikiHow website provides a wonderfully helpful series of videos showing two different methods:-

  1. Winding the bobbin
  2. Threading a sewing machine

– a total of 17 videos that explain it all!!!

It’s very well presented and it needs to be, because, as the website states

“For new sewing machine users, threading the machine can seem daunting, and even put you off the task of sewing altogether.”

How to avoid ALL the above

(Hint – it’s method 2)

So far, we’ve identified two types of sewists – with regard to threading at least – the “Happy” camp and the “Frustrated” one. The challenge is to find the most pain free way of getting from “Frustrated” to “Happy”.

Method 1 – review your instructions books several times, plough through all those marvellous online blogs and helpful videos. This may well result in you having to forget that night out, lunch with friends, the kids’ homework or walking the tortoise for a while. But what the hell – just think of the sense of achievement that you may well get after all those painful hours of study or confusion.

Method 2 – buy a Jaguar sewing machine. No really – it’s that simple!

It’s thanks to that wonderful Digital Quick-threading System (DQS). Just guide the thread directly from the spool to the needle area through a single groove and thread the needle by simply pressing the threading lever.

Free up more tortoise walking time – buy a Jaguar DQS405 sewing machine »

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