Do the robot dance between the sewing machine and ironing board

Four tips for the more experienced sewer

How sewers can get even better with their sewing machines!

Sewing is an interesting activity – even a passion with many of us! Joining a sewing group is a great idea – sharing tips, techniques and generally letting the excitement rub off on each other. 

Not all of us can get together with groups of sewing ninjas on a day-to-day basis, so the next best thing is to get together online. We’ll be running an article soon highlighting the sorts of common interest groups that could just help you get over a particular problem – or even to help you spread the sewing love!

In the meantime, we’ve come across four tips from around the world that may just help you take the next step on your sewing journey.

Techniques and projects that may just help sewers to move out of their comfort zones…


This will help some of you intermediates – according to the Craftsy website there are a number of compelling reasons to get to grips with this more advanced technique. There are four other excellent tips in the same article by the way.

“Depending on your garment fabric there are many reasons to add underlining to your garment. For a lightweight silk the underlining can add strength and reduce wrinkles. Used in a wool dress, the underlining can eliminate the need for facings. Underlining adds a supporting structure and lets the outer fabric be the star.”

Learn from industrial sewing

The Colette blog is one of our favourites – and we love Sharon Blair’s article 15 things home sewers can learn from industrial sewing.

As the title says – you’ve got 15 pearls of wisdom to go at here – including

“Perform similar operations at the same time and sew flat. Sew the details first. Set these aside. Then start assembling the garment. Complete as much as you can before joining side seams. Sewing in a tube is more time consuming than sewing flat.”

Keep up your quality control

Eight interesting tips can be found in the blog article by Shelley from New Vintage Lady – Tips for making you a quality sewer on the Curvy Sewing Collective website.

Shelly makes the really important point that if you are going to improve, you have to eradicate the “that will do” or “that’s good enough” state of mind.

“We have all been there. That zipper stitch is a bit crooked, or that collar is a bit too long on the left. Fix those problems. Take the time and get out your seam ripper and fix them. The moment you suffer from ‘good enough’ in your sewing is the moment you won’t improve.“

Take the stress out of being a sewer!

We love sewing – it’s fun, it’s a passion, it’s a way of life! Which doesn’t mean that things don’t get a little tense when things go wrong.

So do what you can to eradicate the tension.

Jenny Hellström makes us smile. A lot. Which is why we’re finishing this particular blog article with Very hot tips for sewers.

And our favourite? You might say our “tip of the day”… 

“Tip 4. Do the robot dance between the sewing machine and ironing board to make sure to get all the sewing aggressions out of your system.”

I’ll bet you didn’t know that sewing could help your dance floor routine – did you?

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