Jaguar sewing machine feet

More about sewing machine feet – why we love them!

The wonderful world of sewing feet

Some are common and some a little more exotic. Sewing machine feet – or presser feet – come in such a huge range and fulfil a number of specific purposes. They do however have one very important thing in common – they make certain sewing tasks much easier!

One of our most popular blog articles to date has been Why do you need to know about sewing machine feet? So we’ve decided to have a rummage around the wonderful world of the SewingWeb to come up with some ideas and suggestions that should make sewing even more enjoyable!

Sewing machine presser feet

First off, we have the excellent Sewing Machine Presser Feet Guide on the Made to Sew website. It’s a good introduction which includes the basic selection that may have come with your sewing machine and move on to some additions that will prove to be really useful.

Look out for the blind hem foot, overcast and walking foot, the really useful invisible zipper foot and the darning foot. As an added bonus, there’s also a sewing machine presser feet video. Enjoy!

Presser feet fun

One of our very favourite people on the SewingWeb is the wonderful Katy Mathews – we love her blog Quilting Sewing Creating which is part of the Chicago Now network. She’s posted the lovely 10 Fun Facts about Presser Feet, including an actual definition, being “A forked metal device on a sewing machine used for holding the fabric in place while stitching.” She covers the history of sewing machine feet and scratches the surface of the thousands that are potentially available.

Sewing machine feet for quilting

My colleague Dawn here at Jaguar Central is a very keen quilter – and she wanted to make sure that her co-enthusiasts weren’t being neglected. So we’ve come up with the interesting article Which Machine Feet Do You Use for Quilting? on our old friend the Craftsy website.

The author Sherri McConnell lists her favourites – and keeps it to the point, dealing with her favourite five accessories, but listing in detail why and how they should be used.

Sewing feet make sewing easier and more fun!

Here are a few of our Jaguar favourites – from the 43 that are currently available.

Other sewing machine makes

If you need sewing feet for machines other than Jaguars, check out our sister site GUR Sewing Machines, where they cover many makes including

Send us your sewing tips!

Get in touch with us here at Jaguar Sewing Machines with your tips and if we like them, we’ll publish them on our blog. Make sure to tell us about any website and email links you’d like us to include!

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