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So you have a sewing machine – what are you going to do with it?

A variety of exiting projects for sewists everywhere

It’s quite often the case that you have a sewing machine, but after a while your inspiration begins to wane. Sometimes all it needs is a little inspiration and you’ll rediscover the joys of sewing all over again!

So here are some rather nifty ideas to get you back to what is for many of us a real passion – sewing!

Here at Jaguar Sewing Machines, we’re often on the lookout for hints tips and tutorials. So we’ve put together five of our current favourites.

1) The high-low T-shirt

We really like this one by Mayra at So So Easy, which is subtitled “How to hide your panty line” – something that concerns a number of us from time to time.

It’s very well illustrated and the step by step instructions are a pure joy! We particularly like the fact that

“It will be loose around the hips and closer to your body at the shoulders. Perfect for the ladies who want to hide some extra pounds around the waistline and are looking for an easy going, comfortable top to walk around in.”

2) Cute things for the kitchen

Actually this isn’t one tutorial sewists – it’s actually nine! The beauty of these is that they make wonderful presents for friends and family.

This wonderful piece of work is by Caroline on the Sew Can She website and the tutorials include:-

  1. The classic tie on dish towel
  2. The one yard magic apron – with a pattern
  3. Cloth napkins
  4. Potholders with pockets
  5. Tea towels – and so on…

3) Basic zipper pouch tutorial

Short, simple – and to the point. The See Kate Sew website provides an excellent little tutorial aimed at beginners and early sewers.

Zipper pouches are so useful – you can’t have enough of them! Someone here at Jaguar (mentioning no names, Jane) got so carried away that she created eight of them – and now all her daughter’s friends want one as well.

So no chance of having an under-utilised sewing machine in this particular case then…

4) How to sew a mitred corner

Very useful advice on this blog article which deals with techniques rather than a specific project. 

The source is the always excellent Tilly and the Buttons blog. As ever, the photos are clear and the text well written and informative.

“Mitred corners create a neat finish on exposed corners, without any flappy bits that you might get by folding one edge over the other.”

5) How to finish a knit neckline (3 ways)

One tip, three techniques – this blog article by on the Melly Sews website really is jam-packed with useful information!

Great step-by-step photos and instructions are complimented by a YouTube video detailing

“…two ways to sew knit neckbands (out of rib knit or self fabric) and another option to bind the neckline.”

Jaguar Novum Craft 590 sewing machine

Jaguar sewing machine focus

Our customary Jaguar Sewing Machine plug on this article features the excellent Novum Craft 590 sewing machine (see above) which can handle all types of fabric from silks to soft furnishing materials, it’s suitable for all levels of sewing from beginners to experienced can get the best out of this computerised machine.

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