Sewing with corduroy tips and techniques

Top tips for sewing with corduroy

Corduroy isn’t a difficult material to sew – but it helps to know a few key points…

If you’ve never sewn any corduroy before, you might find it helpful to read these wonderful tips before you begin.

Corduroy has a great number of advantages – it can be used for special or casual garments, it’s easy to look after and it’s really comfortable to wear. If you’ve not tried it before, now may be the ideal time to give it a go.

So here are some of our current favourite corduroy how-tos, starting with an introduction to the fabric itself.

Corduroy and stretch corduroy

This is the perfect place to start – an excellent definition from the Emma One Stock website by Shannon Gifford.

This corduroy introduction also includes information about pretreatment, needles and threads, seams, finishes and hems and interfacing.

Useful tip: “Corduroy is a perfect candidate for machine blind-hemming.”

Five tips for sewing with corduroy

If you’ve not checked out the exquisite Tilly and the Buttons website yet, now’s your chance! Her Five tips for sewing with corduroy blog article is a brilliant introduction to the fabric!

Her usual array of easy to follow instructions and clear photos make this article a must-read. It covers

  1. “Decide what direction you want the nap to lie
  2. “Keep the ribs straight when cutting
  3. “… and keep the ribs straight when sewing!
  4. “Avoid squishing the fabric
  5. “Be prepared to make a mess!”

And don’t forget

“…give your sewing machine a good clean inside and out after sewing!”

Seven tips for sewing with corduroy

Even more hot topics for you on this marvellous piece on the Alina Sewing website.

Very usefully, all seven tips are incorporated into a tutorial on the production of a marvellous corduroy Chi-Town Chinos skirt. We love her “jump right in and get on with it” type of approach, which is the perfect way to tackle a corduroy-centric project.

Top tips here include:-

  • “Pre-wash and pre-dry
  • “Find the nap and pay close attention
  • “Order additional fabric
  • “Press lightly – or not at all”

Our favourite bit concerns keeping a small piece of the original material to refresh the nap with from time to time. Nice!

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