Zips and zippers sewing tutorials

Sewing tutorials: how to banish those dreaded zip fears!

Now zippers need hold no fears for any of us!

The whole world of zips is one that conjures up fear and dread, even amongst some more experienced sewists. But fear not! Help is at hand in the form of some of the best how-tos and zip sewing tutorials in internet land.

We start off with a really straightforward one, then gradually immerse you in ever more specialist examples – some are more challenging than others!


Sew a lace zipper tutorial tutorial

So let us take you by the hand and lead you very gently into zipper land. This nice, gentle and not at all stressful start is by Ali on the Lorelei Jayne website.

Some of us do have a number of lace zips hanging around. And even if you don’t, this is a nice, straightforward, well presented start.

Top tip: “Before starting I recommend giving your zip a light press with the iron to ensure it sits flat.”

How to sew a zipper: zipper pouch tutorial

Having broken you in gently, as it were, we’ve now come up with a more involved how-to – in the shape of this excellent piece by Rochelle Freeman on the really cool (does anyone use that word any more?) Seams and Scissors website.

Firstly, this piece has introduced us to the word “Semptress” (check it out) and really brings across what we all feel when confronted with the dreaded “zip” – or “zipper“ for those of an American persuasion.

“Easy, Simple, Painless, no word in the dictionary has squelched the fears created by the thought of installing zippers in projects in the mind of the home Semptress!”

Don’t panic! Rochelle takes you by the hand to fearlessly confront the whole otherwise terrifying world of the dreaded zip!

Sneaky tip: “One solution is to put tabs or little pieces of fabric on the end of the zipper”.

30 days of zippers video tutorials

This veritable behemoth of tutorials – courtesy of the amazing Sew What Alicia website contains thirty – yes 30 – video tutorials, all helping you banish those zipper fears!

So take the phone off the hook, make sure you’ve got plenty of coffee and cancel those holidays.

No – on second thoughts ignore that bit about the holidays – they ALWAYS come first. Even ahead of sewing? Well, perhaps sewing holidays? Now there’s an idea. Anyway, we digress…

There are some belters here, including:-

  • Adding structure with fusible fleece
  • A zipper pouch with inside zipper pocket
  • Fold over clutch with faux leather
  • A quilted pouch

…well – you get the point.

One thing we didn’t know: according to this article, September is national zipper month in the USA.

It takes all sorts…

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