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Our top tips on avoiding those dreaded sewing mistakes

Sewing techniques – a list of “how-not-tos”

It’s important to make sewing mistakes – or so we’re always being told. It’s supposed to be how we learn. But when you bog up your latest potential masterpiece, that’s not much consolation. So much better to let others make mistakes on your behalf LOL.

The playwright George Bernard Shaw wasn’t, as far as we know, a renowned sewist, but he did offer some advice that is hugely relevant to all of us.

“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.”

We think it’s so much better to avoid them in the first place…

3 Sewing Mistakes I’ve Made (and how I avoid them)

This cautionary tale is courtesy of the marvellous Sew Can She blog, which is wonderfully well put together by Caroline.

The three tips seem obvious when you think about it, but they will save you an awful lot of grief if you bear them in mind.

Caroline covers:-

  1. I would rush my way through a project.
  2. Sewing things that I didn’t want to sew.
  3. Using the wrong fabric for the pattern.

We like: “There’s a very good reason that patterns have ‘suggested fabrics.’ Pattern makers want you to be successful – so you’ll love the project and buy another pattern! They include the important ‘suggested fabrics’ section to give you the best chance for success.”

How To Avoid The 13 Most Common Sewing Mistakes

This blog full of cautionary tales comes from the Contrado website and it includes a whole lot of hair-pulling-out-prevention tips, including one of our all time absolute faves “Measure twice, cut once” as well as a number of goodies including “Have plenty of fabric at hand”, “Use the right tools” and, importantly, “Fabric preparation is key”.

Look out for: “Some fabrics can shrink after washing them, and if you haven’t prepared for it, then your garment will not fit properly when it is made. Sewing disaster!”

Sewing Mistakes That Will Make Clothing Look Cheap

We recognise ourselves in the introduction to this how-to (or rather how-not-to) piece by Annabelle Short on the Wunderlabel blog.

“It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve lovingly put in to making your clothes, even the smallest of details can make your clothing look cheap if you’ve made a mistake.”

Yep – that’s us all from time to time!

All sorts of super tips here that cover many potential aspects of your sewing projects, including choosing the zip, spacing your buttons and sizing up your button holes and making darts.

Why read this? “Avoid the little mistakes and avoid making your clothing look cheap.”

Common mistakes in Sewing and How to Avoid Them

This highly individual approach to sewing pitfalls has been interestingly assembled on the Sewsonatural by Juliet blog.

This is well worth a careful read and it covers all sorts of mistakes made by Juliet and others and they include:-

  • Orange peel effect on facings after attaching interfacings
  • Sewing along without bobbin thread
  • Not paying attention to the feed dogs.

Top tip: “Iron a strip of interfacing on your zip seam allowance – where the zip would be attached. The interfacing enables the fabric to remain stable whilst you’re sewing the zip.”

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