Sewing hacks tips and techniques

39 top sewing hacks, tips and how-tos

Goodies to make all sewists’ lives easier!

Forgive us if we look a little smug with this one: we’re rather proud of how much sewing usefulness with all these sewing hacks that we’ve managed to cram into one article!

The conversation here started off with a chance remark “what is that little knobbly bit on an unpicker for?”

It quickly developed into us seeking out a whole range of quick fix hacks, hints and tips from across the sewing globe.

And there really are some rippers here (as they say in Australia, the source of our first hack).

Have fun!

Life hack: What that little ball on your unpicker is really for!

We’re off down under for this excellent how-to. A big thank you to the Starts At Sixty lifestyle blog.

This beauty focuses on the small ball on one of the prongs on your unpicker (or seam ripper) – you may have wondered what it’s actually used for?

Enlightenment is at hand! “That’s to allow the unpicker to be slid along a garment in one swipe – no more fussing over individual stitches!”

There’s even an accompanying video that really help you get to grips with the whole concept.

Sobering thought: “We couldn’t help but feel silly when we saw this tutorial – it seems so obvious now!”

11 sewing hacks you need to know

This wonderful collection of goodies comes from Christine Haynes on the Bluprint blog.

Some are really simple, but can make such a difference! They include:-

  • “Add a seam allowance with a double pencil tracing tool
  • “Mark your seam allowance on your machine”
  • and the wonderfully simple “Leave notes with your fabric stash”.

We love: “Nobody wants their bobbins rolling around and unraveling all over the place. Keep them in place by storing in toe separators.”

15 sewing room hacks

Even more goodies for you here, courtesy of the wonderful Heather on her Heather Handmade blog.

A whole range of hot tips for you here – many of which will change the way you organise your sewing, from the really simple “Turn all your machines on with the button on a power strip”, to “Create a tiny ironing area next to your machine for quick pressing” and “Store hand needles in a bulletin board.”

There’s even an accompanying video that covers all the tips.

Top tip: “Use a glue stick to ‘pin'”. 

12 sewing hacks every seamstress should know!

Last and by no means least we have this collection of sensationalises from Kimberly Coffin on the Sweet Red Poppy website.

Some we’ve seen a few times before – but even the most experienced of us have been gobsmacked by some of these amazing how-tos.

Golf tees, pattern weights and perfect ruffles can all be found here.

Look out for: “…a quick and easy way to create beautiful ruffles without all the hassle!”

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