Winter coat DIY how your sewing machine can keep you warm this winter

Winter coat DIY: how your sewing machine can keep you warm this winter

Do you think that sewing a coat is too tricky a project for you? Well maybe it’s time for a rethink…

It’s only just starting to get colder after what proved to be one of the warmest summers in recent years. But now it’s time to begin preparations for the onset of winter (don’t blame us – it’s not our fault LOL). And what better way to keep the cold at bay with a wonderful new winter coat – especially if it’s been lovingly crafted by your own fair hands!

We’ve put together a list of some great how-tos and tutorials that will help you to get started and that may well demonstrate that such a project isn’t quite as intimidating as you thought it might be.


Winter coat: to sew or not to sew?

This shows that we don’t just throw these things together! It the perfect piece for those of you wondering whether you should attempt such a task, and making it clear that this will be no twenty minute project.

It comes from the Ageberry website. This is our first visit to this goody-laden blog, but it certainly won’t be our last!

Loads of tip, videos and links that will go a long way towards not only helping you to make your mind up, but learn a whole lot of terrific stuff along the way. Hours of sewing fun!

Don’t panic! “There are so many details in sewing a coat and it feels sometimes a little intimidating but once you start it is not as bad as you thought it is going to be.”

Tips for making winter coats

We’re assuming that if you’ve got this far, you want to know more. This is the perfect next step from Claire-Louise Hardie resides on the Thrifty Stitcher website.

A great overview to flag up some important considerations before you begin.

Top tip: “A great way to approach the sewing of bulky fabrics, is to use a walking foot.”

Top 10 tips for sewing coats

This comprehensive package of winter coat goodies hails from the wonderful Sew Daily website and was written by Lucinda Hamilton from Sew Wrong.

Some brilliant things to consider here in a piece that’s aimed at producing some very high end results. This is serious stuff!

Top tip: “Tailor tacks are your BFF…  it’s easy for traditional chalk marks used in garment sewing to rub off.”

How to sew a winter coat!

If you prefer a video tutorial, you may well like this YouTube offering from SimplyCloe.

It’s pretty high speed stuff, so you will need to rewind and pause a few times – and we really like the odd high speed coffee break. You may feel exhausted by the time you get to the end – the pace is relentless!

We like: the end result – it’s amazing!

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