How to avoid the dreaded pristine hem when you take up a pair of jeans

Sewing a prestressed jeans hem

How to avoid the dreaded pristine hem when you take up a pair of jeans

Shorten the leg – but keep the original stressed hem

We love our favourite prestressed, prewashed jeans. It’s so hard to find a pair that fits well – and you want to ensure that everything is just so when you wear them.

BUT – there’s a common problem. What if, having just found your dream pair, you find that they’re they’re just that little bit too long? They’re perfect in every other way.

Of course, you can always break out your trusty sewing machine and shorten them…

The problem is, that while the rest of your new best clothes friend looks wonderfully faded and perfectly stressed, the hems are going to be razor sharp and new – spoiling the look!!!

Here’s a new sewing term you’ll want to familiarise yourself with

The good news is that help is at hand – in the surprising form of a recent article on the Popular Science website.

This wonderful how-to by Vanessa Nirode has introduced us to the soon-to-be legendary “Hollywood hem”, which cleverly shows you how to shorten the legs of your jeans – while using the original hem. Genius!

“Measure the amount you’ve pinned, from the new bottom of your jeans to the top of the original hem (the stitched edge where it meets the wrong side of the denim), then divide by two. For instance, if you’ve pinned 2 inches, you’ll end up with 1 inch. Easy.”

When you’ve completed your jeans project, enjoy the other wonderful tips in this amazing article, which includes

  • How to reattach a jacket patch pocket
  • Shortening a T shirt hem
  • Repair a coat lining
  • Sew a button on – properly!

It just shows – we should all pay more attention to science!

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