Review of the Jaguar DQS403SE sewing machine

New sewing machine focus – the 10 reasons we love the Jaguar DQS403SE

Perfect for patchworking and quilting!

In this review we’re having a look at the brand new Jaguar DQS 403QSE sewing machine, which is fast becoming a favourite of many here. 

Although it’s described as an “entry level machine” it is in fact rather more sophisticated than that, but is still remarkably easy to use – and thread of course!

Our 10 favourite DQS403SE sewing machine features

There are so many, it’s been really hard to pick out only ten – let alone get them in an order of preference. But after a couple of weeks of enjoyable playing around, these are some of our favourite capabilities (in no particular order).

  1. Direct stitch selection – no need to search for a stitch anymore, simple input your stitch number and start sewing.
  2. Start / stop function – to allow you to sew without the foot control, this makes the sewing of long seams, free motion and buttons easy.
  3. 13 variable needle positions – 4 top stitching perfect for sewing zips.
  4. External drop feed – ideal for freehand embroidery and stippling helping you to create your own patchwork and quilting projects.
  5. Easy to use speed slider control – giving you full control over the speed of your machine.
  6. Needle up / down – touch a button to set your needle to automatically stop up or down in the fabric for pivoting, appliqué and more.
  7. Extra presser foot lift – allows easy sewing of thick fabrics.
  8. Top loading jam proof bobbin – including a see through view slide plate allowing you to see when bobbin needs to be changed.
  9. Slim free arm – for working on tubular items such as cuffs, trouser legs and more.
  10. Accessory storage space – lots of space in the free arm extension platform. Keep things tidy…

Entry level? We don’t think so….

Check out the Jaguar DQS403SE sewing machine for yourself! »

Jaguar DQS 403QSE sewing machine



The unique DQS (Digital Quick-threading System) has now been introduced to the UK. All current models come with a three year parts and labour guarantee and the 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Exclusive to Jaguar overlocker sewing machines – the unique cutting system opens up 180 degrees giving easy access to the looper thread guides.


Everything you’ll need for you Jaguar overlocker and sewing machines. The range includes foot control units, sewing feet, overlocker feet and overlocker spares.

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