Enjoying making your workout wear doesn't force you to go to the gym

Enjoying making your workout wear doesn’t force you to go to the gym!

Loving sewing is a great way to start exercising – or not…

New Year – lots of new resolutions. This is the time of year when many people are already conveniently forgetting those heartfelt intentions to get fit. Live well. Go to the gym. Cut down on the booze…

Many of us have actually taken out a new gym membership – and some may have actually started exercising there. And a few more than once or twice!

It’s not easy to get out of bed early to go for a morning session while the weather is dark, cold and dreary – or in the evenings, just when that latest amazing series is about to break on Netflix. And that sofa is just SO inviting…

Do something you definitely love – sewing!

This is a really great tip. We all love sewing. That’s why we’re here – and we suspect why you’re reading this. So why not start the process in a fun way that will work?

Sew your own workout and gym wear!

Those wonderful people at Sewing Daily are of the same opinion. Like us, they realise that you’re much likely to start exercising if you’re wearing something eye catching that you’ve produced yourself. So much so, they launched a recent interactive workshop about this, which is currently halfway through.

The most important aspect of this all is the sewing, they state.

“Even if you have no intention of wearing your me-made athletic wear anywhere but on the couch, it’s a great way to expand your sewing skills and work your way a little closer to a fully handmade wardrobe—two other great resolutions for the new year!”

The Fabric.com website has an excellent how-to called Tips for Sewing Athletic Wear.

This piece shows a markedly different approach – it’s written by an athlete who admitted that “the last thing on my mind is fiddling with what I’m wearing”.

But, they state, “It MUST be comfortable, supportive, and functional first and foremost. Bonus points are given for style and design.”

Keep in mind the zigzag stitch, says the tutorial.

“This is used on seams that need stretch so the threads won’t break when stretched. It can also be used along the hems as well”.

So there you have it. We’re all off to start sewing our own leisurewear. Thats’s the really fun part. Whether you actually get sweaty in it, is entirely up to you…

A New Year resolution you can keep – more sewing!


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