Quilting tips and techniques from Jaguar Sewing Machines

Some wonderful quilting tips!

It’s “a really fun way to get creative”

We love quilting here at Jaguar Sewing Machine Central, so we’re always on the look out for some useful quilting tips, tricks and techniques to share with our colleagues and sewing groups.

(Get in touch if you’d like us to cover a specific topic in a forthcoming article by the way…)

Quilting is not just about enabling you get warmer in bed – it goes way beyond that. It gives you a great chance to express yourself, reinvigorate the interior decor of your bedroom, it’s fun and inexpensive.

What’s not to love?

Free quilt patterns? – yes please!

So imagine our excitement when we came across a brand new series of how-tos on the excellent Prima website.

 has put together a marvellous array of free quilt patterns, examples and even a tutorial video here and there.

The article even begins with a feature called how to make a patchwork quilt, which starts the ball rolling nicely if you’re new to this.

Quilt how-to’s include:-

  • Star-print quilt
  • Rose quilt with fabric squares
  • Vintage floral quilt
  • …and our favourite Layer cake coin quilt.

7 free and pretty quilt patterns »


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