The advantages of sewing presser feet by Jaguar

Why we just love sewing machine presser feet

They make sewing MUCH easier – and even more fun!

We’ve waxed lyrical about sewing machine presser feet on a number of occasions – and we think they’re the most underrated and overlooked addon in sewing land!

Described as “a life savior of the sewist” on the Sew Guide website, the good old presser foot is the subject of an interesting introduction to this Aladdin’s Cave of goodies.

“Presser feet add different functionalities to your sewing machine, so that it can accomplish much more than mere straight stitching.”

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Some of our favourite Jaguar presser feet

As an example of how and when to use presser feet, we’ve popped together a short list of five which shows just how useful they can be. The final three, for example, will be of great interest if you’re into quilting.

  1. Buttonhole Foot: The Sliding Buttonhole Foot is a plastic foot suitable for most makes of machines. By placing your button on top of the foot the machine will sew a perfect buttonhole for you exactly the correct size!
  2. Twin Zipper Foot: No matter the zipper application – lapped, centered or exposed, this foot will not ride on top of the zipper coil. It’s so versatile because you can attach the foot either to the left or right side of the needle.
  3. 1/4 Inch Quilting Foot: Best for quilt and patchwork piecing with 1/4” or 1/8’’ seam allowance. Its back and small needle opening are designed to give the right pressure on fabrics.
  4. 1/4 Inch Quilting Piecing Foot.
  5. 1/4 Inch Quilting Piecing Foot With Guide.

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And just in case you’d like a wonderful new Jaguar sewing machine to go with it…

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