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Jaguar Sewing Machines in one of the largest sewing machine manufacturers in the world with millions of sewing machines in circulation.  We take great pride in researching, developing and providing high quality products used by dressmakers, patchwork / quilters and crafters and people who love sewing all over the world.

Jaguar Sewing Machines is an internationally recognised, high quality Japanese sewing machine manufacturer that works with and supplies sewing machines to most house hold brands.  Unlike many other well known consumer brands, we produce all of our sewing machines in our own factories.

Our company was founded in 1949 and we launched our first domestic zig-zag sewing machine in 1952. Soon after this, in 1965 we began to expand our operations by opening supply factories in the USA and later in Germany. Soon, our total exports reached 7 million units and we launched our products in the UK in 1989.

In 2016 we launched our unique DQS (Digital Quick-threading System) into the UK with a line of new 2016 models which all now come with a three year parts and labour guarantee. The 2016 range also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – so that our customers can buy their machine with 100% peace of mind.

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