Can you turn a sewing passion into a business?

Jaguar Sewing machines - starting your own business

Advice and examples of sewing entrepreneurship Many of us have from time to time wondered if our sewing passion could lead us on the greater things – most notably being able to give up the day job, or at least earn a little extra from our number one pastime. The simple fact is that hundreds […]

Overlocker sewing machine advantages

Overlocker sewing machine advantages

Between 2 and 4 spools of thread simultaneously! Overlocker sewing machines have a number of key advantages, particularly when it comes to stopping the edges of cut fabric from fraying. They used to be professional level pieces of equipment, but these days overlockers are increasingly finding their way into the home market. An overlocker by no […]

Overlocker / serger sewing tips

Overlocker serger sewing tips

Sewing: overlockers are sometimes known as sergers Some overlocker / serger sewing beginners aren’t aware of the difference between an overlocker and a standard sewing machine. So to get the ball rolling, we thought we’d tell you what an overlocker is… Wendy Ward provides an excellent definition on her website where she also points out […]

Four tips for the more experienced sewer

Do the robot dance between the sewing machine and ironing board

How sewers can get even better with their sewing machines! Sewing is an interesting activity – even a passion with many of us! Joining a sewing group is a great idea – sharing tips, techniques and generally letting the excitement rub off on each other.  Not all of us can get together with groups of sewing ninjas […]