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Did you know that threading a sewing machine could be this quick and easy?

Jaguar sewing machine can really speed things up…

One of the most fiddly and – let’s face it – downright annoying parts of any sewing project is the fiddly bit that comes right at the start. Threading the sewing machine!

It hardly sets you in the right frame of mind for a nice relaxing and enjoyable session does it? Help is, as they say, at hand…

The Digital Threading System

Two Jaguar sewing machine models feature this wonderful capability, which is perhaps the thing that we most love about them.

They are:-

Of course we could bang on all day about how wonderful this system is, but it’s probably best if you just see it in action in the video below.

Don’t blink though – you might miss it!

The Jaguar Sewing range

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Why Sew Magazine loves the Jaguar DQS 377 sewing machine

“Suitable for a wide range of techniques, offering 100 built-in stitches”

The review of our lovely Jaguar DQS 377 in the July edition of Sew – the UK’s best-selling sewing magazine – is a particularly enthusiastic one. 

We love Sew Magazine and their wonderful website – particularly their Sewing patterns and How to sew sections.

The forthcoming July edition of the magazine has a snap review of the Jaguar DQS 377 sewing machine.

“Jaguar’s revolutionary and unique digital quick- threading system lets you skip the headache of threading – it guides the thread directly from the spool to the needle, then you thread it simply by pressing a lever!”

And their conclusion?

“Want it, need it, BUY IT!”

All-round strengths of the sewing machine

The DQS 377 review on the Sew website is more comprehensive and highlights the fact that it is “A great all-rounder”.

“The DQS 377 is suitable for a wide range of techniques, offering 100 built-in stitches that include appliqué, embroidery, patchwork and 13 one-step buttonholes.

“This computerised model also features a digital quick threading system, an extra-high presser foot lifter and a free arm to sew hard-to-reach areas.

“The automatic bobbin winding clutch and top loading jam-proof bobbin also make sewing much easier.”

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Good news on price!

Even better is the fact that the Jaguar DQS 377 is available for a limited time at a special price of £399 at GUR – the Sewing Superstore in Birmingham »

Sew Style & Home love the Jaguar DQS 405 sewing machine!

“The DQS 405 is great for dressmaking, quilting, furnishings and more!”

A recent article on the Sew Style and Home website featured a Jaguar DQS 405 sewing machine review – and they seemed to be rather complimentary about one of our flagship products.

Sew Style & Home praised the DQS 405’s capabilities, saying

“The Jaguar DQS 405 is the perfect computerised sewing machine for beginners, experienced and professional textile crafters alike. It has a variety of different built-in stitches, allowing you to sew with ease, comfort and speed.”

Read the full review of the DQS 405 »

The Jaguar DQS 405 has a range of excellent features, including:-

  • Unique DQS – the digital quick-threading system which is the quickest way for you to thread your machine.
  • 500 different stitches – includes 13 styles of auto-step buttonholes and 3 lettering styles.
  • The drop and sew function – no need to raise the bobbin thread before sewing.
  • Buttonholes – 13 different one-step styles.
  • Memory functions – programmable, which can save your patterns and stitches.
  • Speed slider control – easy to use, full control over the speed of your machine.
  • Direct stitch selection – no need to search for a stitch anymore, simply input.
  • The up/down feature – enabling the needle to stop in the down position when quilting.

Check out the wonderful Jaguar DQS 405 sewing machine »

 About Sew Style & Home

This is a particularly engaging website for all those with sewing at heart. We particularly like the sewing patterns, how to sew and blog areas.

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