Why we just love sewing machine presser feet

The advantages of sewing presser feet by Jaguar

They make sewing MUCH easier – and even more fun! We’ve waxed lyrical about sewing machine presser feet on a number of occasions – and we think they’re the most underrated and overlooked addon in sewing land! Described as “a life savior of the sewist” on the Sew Guide website, the good old presser foot […]

Some wonderful quilting tips!

Quilting tips and techniques from Jaguar Sewing Machines

It’s “a really fun way to get creative” We love quilting here at Jaguar Sewing Machine Central, so we’re always on the look out for some useful quilting tips, tricks and techniques to share with our colleagues and sewing groups. (Get in touch if you’d like us to cover a specific topic in a forthcoming […]

Exactly why did the Jaguar DQS403SE sewing machine catch our eye?

Perfect for patchworking and quilting! This time we’re spilling the beans on why we love the Jaguar DQS 403QSE sewing machine – and it’s giving us a problem. There are so many features that we like, we couldn’t restrict the list to “our top 10 features”, because there are way more than that! Somehow “27 reasons we […]

Enjoying making your workout wear doesn’t force you to go to the gym!

Enjoying making your workout wear doesn't force you to go to the gym

Loving sewing is a great way to start exercising – or not… New Year – lots of new resolutions. This is the time of year when many people are already conveniently forgetting those heartfelt intentions to get fit. Live well. Go to the gym. Cut down on the booze… Many of us have actually taken […]

New sewing machine focus – the 10 reasons we love the Jaguar DQS403SE

Review of the Jaguar DQS403SE sewing machine

Perfect for patchworking and quilting! In this review we’re having a look at the brand new Jaguar DQS 403QSE sewing machine, which is fast becoming a favourite of many here.  Although it’s described as an “entry level machine” it is in fact rather more sophisticated than that, but is still remarkably easy to use – and thread […]

New product focus – is this the ideal sewing machine for beginners?

Jaguar sewing machines - your new best friend

“The best budget sewing machine in the UK?” The Jaguar DQS401 sewing machine has just arrived for the first time in the UK – and it’s exciting news for potential first time sewist, or one of those who are looking to upgrade from a tired old mechanical unit. Although it’s classed as an entry level […]

Why Sew Magazine loves the Jaguar DQS 377 sewing machine

Jaguar DQS 377 sewing machine reviewed by Sew Magazine

“Suitable for a wide range of techniques, offering 100 built-in stitches” The review of our lovely Jaguar DQS 377 in the July edition of Sew – the UK’s best-selling sewing magazine – is a particularly enthusiastic one.  We love Sew Magazine and their wonderful website – particularly their Sewing patterns and How to sew sections. […]

Did you know that threading a sewing machine could be this quick and easy?

Easy threading Jaguar sewing machines

Jaguar sewing machine can really speed things up… One of the most fiddly and – let’s face it – downright annoying parts of any sewing project is the fiddly bit that comes right at the start. Threading the sewing machine! It hardly sets you in the right frame of mind for a nice relaxing and […]

Sew Style & Home love the Jaguar DQS 405 sewing machine!

Jaguar DQS 405 sewing machine review

“The DQS 405 is great for dressmaking, quilting, furnishings and more!” A recent article on the Sew Style and Home website featured a Jaguar DQS 405 sewing machine review – and they seemed to be rather complimentary about one of our flagship products. Sew Style & Home praised the DQS 405’s capabilities, saying “The Jaguar DQS […]