Exactly why did the Jaguar DQS403SE sewing machine catch our eye?

Perfect for patchworking and quilting! This time we’re spilling the beans on why we love the Jaguar DQS 403QSE sewing machine – and it’s giving us a problem. There are so many features that we like, we couldn’t restrict the list to “our top 10 features”, because there are way more than that! Somehow “27 reasons we […]

Enjoying making your workout wear doesn’t force you to go to the gym!

Enjoying making your workout wear doesn't force you to go to the gym

Loving sewing is a great way to start exercising – or not… New Year – lots of new resolutions. This is the time of year when many people are already conveniently forgetting those heartfelt intentions to get fit. Live well. Go to the gym. Cut down on the booze… Many of us have actually taken […]

How to avoid the dreaded pristine hem when you take up a pair of jeans

Sewing a prestressed jeans hem

Shorten the leg – but keep the original stressed hem We love our favourite prestressed, prewashed jeans. It’s so hard to find a pair that fits well – and you want to ensure that everything is just so when you wear them. BUT – there’s a common problem. What if, having just found your dream […]

New product focus – is this the ideal sewing machine for beginners?

Jaguar sewing machines - your new best friend

“The best budget sewing machine in the UK?” The Jaguar DQS401 sewing machine has just arrived for the first time in the UK – and it’s exciting news for potential first time sewist, or one of those who are looking to upgrade from a tired old mechanical unit. Although it’s classed as an entry level […]

Why threading a sewing machine isn’t a problem – for some!

Frustrations of threading a sewing machine

Daunting for some – not for others. Why sewing just got easier… Sewing machines: we can’t live without them. Some sewists love their machines – others find them a little frustrating. But this needn’t be the case. Even something as potentially frustrating as threading a sewing machine and winding the bobbin is for some a pleasure […]

Winter coat DIY: how your sewing machine can keep you warm this winter

Winter coat DIY how your sewing machine can keep you warm this winter

Do you think that sewing a coat is too tricky a project for you? Well maybe it’s time for a rethink… It’s only just starting to get colder after what proved to be one of the warmest summers in recent years. But now it’s time to begin preparations for the onset of winter (don’t blame […]

39 top sewing hacks, tips and how-tos

Sewing hacks tips and techniques

Goodies to make all sewists’ lives easier! Forgive us if we look a little smug with this one: we’re rather proud of how much sewing usefulness with all these sewing hacks that we’ve managed to cram into one article! The conversation here started off with a chance remark “what is that little knobbly bit on […]

Can you turn a sewing passion into a business?

Jaguar Sewing machines - starting your own business

Advice and examples of sewing entrepreneurship Many of us have from time to time wondered if our sewing passion could lead us on the greater things – most notably being able to give up the day job, or at least earn a little extra from our number one pastime. The simple fact is that hundreds […]

Our top tips on avoiding those dreaded sewing mistakes

How to avoid sewing mistakes tutorial

Sewing techniques – a list of “how-not-tos” It’s important to make sewing mistakes – or so we’re always being told. It’s supposed to be how we learn. But when you bog up your latest potential masterpiece, that’s not much consolation. So much better to let others make mistakes on your behalf LOL. The playwright George Bernard […]

Easter bunny sewing projects for you to try

Easter bunny sewing tutorials

Cute, fun and rather addictive. Welcome to the strange world of the Easter bunny… You might just have a few days to spare over the Easter break. Hurrah! The trouble is, the weather forecast isn’t as good as it might be, so what better way of indulging in your favourite pursuit than getting out the sewing […]