How to avoid the dreaded pristine hem when you take up a pair of jeans

Sewing a prestressed jeans hem

Shorten the leg – but keep the original stressed hem We love our favourite prestressed, prewashed jeans. It’s so hard to find a pair that fits well – and you want to ensure that everything is just so when you wear them. BUT – there’s a common problem. What if, having just found your dream […]

Did you know that threading a sewing machine could be this quick and easy?

Easy threading Jaguar sewing machines

Jaguar sewing machine can really speed things up… One of the most fiddly and – let’s face it – downright annoying parts of any sewing project is the fiddly bit that comes right at the start. Threading the sewing machine! It hardly sets you in the right frame of mind for a nice relaxing and […]

Why do you need to know about sewing machine feet?

Introduction to sewing machine feet

Also known as presser feet – and it seems you can’t have too many of them! Sewing machine presser feet can be a bit of a mystery for sewists everywhere – many don’t know what they are or for, let alone how they can make life easier and more efficient for a whole variety of […]

Climbing Kilimanjaro to support mothers and babies in Kenya

Sponsors Jaguar Sewing Machines support Kilimanjaro expedition

Age was no barrier for the Nishkam Challenge team A break from our usual array of wonderful sewing hints and tips with this blog entry, with a wonderful account of a recent expedition to help a hospital in Kericho. One of our senior colleagues, Palma, has recently returned from a life-changing trip to Africa in a concerted attempt to […]

Favourite Easter sewing projects

Easter sewing projects

The perfect time to get that sewing machine up and running! We love Easter! The clocks have changed, the evenings are lighter and we’re all generally feeling a bit more cheerful.  All in all, this is the perfect time to get stuck in with some enjoyable sewing projects, so we thought we’d share some of […]