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How to avoid the dreaded pristine hem when you take up a pair of jeans

Shorten the leg – but keep the original stressed hem

We love our favourite prestressed, prewashed jeans. It’s so hard to find a pair that fits well – and you want to ensure that everything is just so when you wear them.

BUT – there’s a common problem. What if, having just found your dream pair, you find that they’re they’re just that little bit too long? They’re perfect in every other way.

Of course, you can always break out your trusty sewing machine and shorten them…

The problem is, that while the rest of your new best clothes friend looks wonderfully faded and perfectly stressed, the hems are going to be razor sharp and new – spoiling the look!!!

Here’s a new sewing term you’ll want to familiarise yourself with

The good news is that help is at hand – in the surprising form of a recent article on the Popular Science website.

This wonderful how-to by Vanessa Nirode has introduced us to the soon-to-be legendary “Hollywood hem”, which cleverly shows you how to shorten the legs of your jeans – while using the original hem. Genius!

“Measure the amount you’ve pinned, from the new bottom of your jeans to the top of the original hem (the stitched edge where it meets the wrong side of the denim), then divide by two. For instance, if you’ve pinned 2 inches, you’ll end up with 1 inch. Easy.”

When you’ve completed your jeans project, enjoy the other wonderful tips in this amazing article, which includes

  • How to reattach a jacket patch pocket
  • Shortening a T shirt hem
  • Repair a coat lining
  • Sew a button on – properly!

It just shows – we should all pay more attention to science!

Five simple fixes to keep your clothing around longer »

The Jaguar sewing range – making all your sewing projects more enjoyable!


The unique DQS (Digital Quick-threading System) has now been introduced to the UK. All current models come with a three year parts and labour guarantee and the 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Exclusive to Jaguar overlocker sewing machines – the unique cutting system opens up 180 degrees giving easy access to the looper thread guides.


Everything you’ll need for you Jaguar overlocker and sewing machines. The range includes foot control units, sewing feet, overlocker feet and overlocker spares.

Did you know that threading a sewing machine could be this quick and easy?

Jaguar sewing machine can really speed things up…

One of the most fiddly and – let’s face it – downright annoying parts of any sewing project is the fiddly bit that comes right at the start. Threading the sewing machine!

It hardly sets you in the right frame of mind for a nice relaxing and enjoyable session does it? Help is, as they say, at hand…

The Digital Threading System

Two Jaguar sewing machine models feature this wonderful capability, which is perhaps the thing that we most love about them.

They are:-

Of course we could bang on all day about how wonderful this system is, but it’s probably best if you just see it in action in the video below.

Don’t blink though – you might miss it!

The Jaguar Sewing range

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Jaguar sewing machine accessories »

Why do you need to know about sewing machine feet?

Also known as presser feet – and it seems you can’t have too many of them!

Sewing machine presser feet can be a bit of a mystery for sewists everywhere – many don’t know what they are or for, let alone how they can make life easier and more efficient for a whole variety of tasks.

Fortunately, there are many blogs out there from experienced sewing addicts that deal with this very topic – so we thought we’d take the opportunity to draw some of out favourites to your attention…

Different types of sewing machine feet

What better place to start than with the Craftsy sewing blog piece Learn to Sew With Your Feet: Different Types of Sewing Machine Feet.

Maris Olsen who wrote the article comes up with the best benefit-of-sewing-feet-in-a-sentence that we’ve seen so far.

“Presser feet are not just frivolous accessories for your sewing machine; they can help make tough sewing jobs tremendously easier if you are willing to take a few minutes to swap out your universal foot for one or more of the various different types of sewing machine feet.”

Maris then gives her readers a quick overview of many standard sewing feet and their key functions, including zipper, buttonhole, zigzag, blind hem and overlock.

Functions of sewing feet

Our next port of call is the Sew Much Easier website, and our attention in this case has been grabbed by Shelley Hong’s excellent piece A Quick Guide to Your Sewing Machine Presser Feet.

Shelley not only introduces many accessories that will be of considerable use in a huge variety of sewing projects, she details their functionality in depth – very useful in helping you to decide their suitability on your future projects. Her description of the open toe appliqué foot (AKA the open toe embroidery foot) is a very good example and it includes

“Perfect for appliqué, the bottom of the foot has a rectangular shaped indentation, which allows even satin / blanket stitching to glide under the foot without dragging.”

Some of our favourite sewing feet

Here at Sewing Machine central, we love different sewing feet, which is why we’ve so pleased that Jaguar provide such a wonderful range of these marvellous accessories – they’re so useful, save so much time and in one or two cases (without naming names) enable the quality of the finished item to be greatly improved.

That’s the whole point of sewing feet – they make sewing easier and more fun!

Here are a few of our favourites – from the 43 that are currently available.

The Jaguar Border Guide Foot. Having problems lining up or evenly spacing your border designs? That problem can now be solved with the help of the Border Guide Foot.  The secret of this great new foot lies in its red guide markings.

The Jaguar 3 Groove Cording Foot. The foot works perfectly for attaching three cords or threads through grooves on clothing, household linens, etc.

The Jaguar Beading Foot. Sewing on strung beads and pearls has always been a tedious task but the beading feet now go some small way to alleviating this and to add pleasure to embellishing.  Popular bridal wear, evening wear, smart/casual or craft, the beading foot set is a must for your sewing box.

See all Jaguar sewing feet »

Climbing Kilimanjaro to support mothers and babies in Kenya

Age was no barrier for the Nishkam Challenge team

A break from our usual array of wonderful sewing hints and tips with this blog entry, with a wonderful account of a recent expedition to help a hospital in Kericho.

One of our senior colleagues, Palma, has recently returned from a life-changing trip to Africa in a concerted attempt to help a group of people who really need help.

The urge to help others persuaded him to join a small, dedicated team of people to organise a fundraising climb up Mount Kilimanjaro – and Jaguar Sewing Machines to support the Nishkam Challenge as it was called. The planning started last year with the culmination of the seven day effort a couple of months ago.

Palma and nineteen other people travelled to Kilimanjaro: it’s worth noting that none of this team included any professional trackers.  They comprised of a group of ordinary individuals, all committed to doing good, helping others and who were really grateful for the opportunity to be able to raise money for mothers and children in a small hospital in Kenya.

The heart of the community

Kericho District Hospital is in the heart of the community in Kenya: it desperately needs new facilities and equipment.

We were shocked to learn that babies and mothers die in this hospital because they do not have proper facilities.

As a parent and proud grandfather, Palma told us that he was shocked to learn about the issues that the Africans have to deal with for processes and treatments that we consider to be routine – babies and mothers dying for want of things that we all take for granted. It’s a heartbreaking story.

The challenge was – what could be done about this? 

It is for this reason that this small team of people climbed Kilimanjaro – and together they have now raised around £70,000 which will ALL go to provide essential new facilities for the mothers and babies of Kenya.  They all travelled at their own expense and paid for all of their own food, hotels and other expenses so that all the funds raised could go to this noteworthy cause.

Spirits were high during the arduous climb
Spirits were high during the arduous climb

Preparation for the expedition

For those of you that know Palma, he is not exactly a spring chicken! Even his family thought that he was crazy to undertake a challenge of this magnitude at his age.

But, we are glad to say that after 6 months of training, walks, sleep outs, climbs and lots of gym training – he made it to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

As he reached the summit – and after a short recovery period – he said

“This is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. There were many instances where I and the team wanted to give up – but this was not a choice for us, we had to do it for the mothers and babies who need and use the maternity ward in Kenya”.

Thank you to our supporters

We really want to say a huge “thank you” to everyone – all the customers and others that have supported this cause through their kind donations.

Finally, last but not least are the key corporate sponsors that supported this mission – one of which was Jaguar Sewing Machines (Japan) who also supported this project.

Our hearty and sincere thanks go to them – and for fulfilling their duty of corporate and social responsibility in such a wonderful way.  

The group celebrate at the summit
Celebrations at the summit!

Favourite Easter sewing projects

The perfect time to get that sewing machine up and running!

We love Easter! The clocks have changed, the evenings are lighter and we’re all generally feeling a bit more cheerful. 

All in all, this is the perfect time to get stuck in with some enjoyable sewing projects, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite Easter themed ides with you.

Quality AND quantity!

What a start – 40 Easter sewing ideas – all in one place! The Polka Dot Chair sewing blog feature the excellent compilation by Melissa Mortenson called 40 Easter sewing projects and ideas.

Where to start with all these wonderful ideas?

Well we are drawn to Roly poly fabric Easter bunnies blog by Beverly on the Flamingo Toes website.

“The bunnies would be sweet to sew as gifts just as they are – or you could make them up as part of a game! Think maybe bunny tic tac toe or something similar. Super cute and fun at the same time.”

Bunny egg cosy tutorial

Really simple – and great fun!

Lisa and Sarah, a mother and daughter team have added this to their A Spoonful Of Sugar site.

These Australian sewing and quilting fans posted the tutorial for the egg cosies which “…were fun to make and would be a fun project for a beginner sewer or older child.”

Bunny backpack

This wonderful – and unbelievably cute – toddler’s backpack tutorial was posted by Abby from Sew Much Ado. It’s so well written – and there are a number of excellent photos that really give you a great idea of what you’re doing.

This is one of the most detailed and best presented articles that we’ve come across in a while. Attention to detail is most impressive – this Bunny backpack tutorial will keep you busy for a while.

Spoil yourself this Easter!

If you’re going to really roll your sleeves up with a sewing project or two, what not treat yourself to a lovely new Jaguar sewing machine?

The Jaguar 590 sewing machine for example, can handle all types of fabric from silks to soft furnishing materials, it’s suitable for all levels of sewing from beginners to experienced can get the best out of this computerised machine. It has a huge range of features that make quilting and sewing much more productive.

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