Winter coat DIY: how your sewing machine can keep you warm this winter

Winter coat DIY how your sewing machine can keep you warm this winter

Do you think that sewing a coat is too tricky a project for you? Well maybe it’s time for a rethink… It’s only just starting to get colder after what proved to be one of the warmest summers in recent years. But now it’s time to begin preparations for the onset of winter (don’t blame […]

Can you turn a sewing passion into a business?

Jaguar Sewing machines - starting your own business

Advice and examples of sewing entrepreneurship Many of us have from time to time wondered if our sewing passion could lead us on the greater things – most notably being able to give up the day job, or at least earn a little extra from our number one pastime. The simple fact is that hundreds […]

Our top tips on avoiding those dreaded sewing mistakes

How to avoid sewing mistakes tutorial

Sewing techniques – a list of “how-not-tos” It’s important to make sewing mistakes – or so we’re always being told. It’s supposed to be how we learn. But when you bog up your latest potential masterpiece, that’s not much consolation. So much better to let others make mistakes on your behalf LOL. The playwright George Bernard […]

Top tips for sewing with corduroy

Sewing with corduroy tips and techniques

Corduroy isn’t a difficult material to sew – but it helps to know a few key points… If you’ve never sewn any corduroy before, you might find it helpful to read these wonderful tips before you begin. Corduroy has a great number of advantages – it can be used for special or casual garments, it’s […]

New to sewing? Here are some ideas to get you started

New to sewing? Here are some ideas to get you started

Simple sewing suggestions and tips for beginners Sewing is an enjoyable past time for many across the world. In many cases, what starts off as a hobby can go on to become a serious business. Whatever your justification for wanting to take up sewing, we’ve come up with a few suggestions that may well help […]

Four tips for the more experienced sewer

Do the robot dance between the sewing machine and ironing board

How sewers can get even better with their sewing machines! Sewing is an interesting activity – even a passion with many of us! Joining a sewing group is a great idea – sharing tips, techniques and generally letting the excitement rub off on each other.  Not all of us can get together with groups of sewing ninjas […]